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From helping you to teach you to help yourself, we offer everything that we have learned so far.



It is a part of the Asian bodywork therapy that works on the theory that our body has acupoints, where the energy flow of our body is concentrated, and they are located at the channels or meridians, the energy lines of our whole system. The meridian begins at your fingertips, lead to your brain and then to different body organs. We provide you with acupressure therapy. We help you heal with this method; Mr. Kamal K Anand has learned and practiced the technique. The therapy consists of two more parts, that is, stretching and massage. Our practitioner helps you overcome your illness or any other problem that the blockage of the meridian is causing, using his expertise in the required field. The practitioner uses his fingers, palms, elbows, feet or other devices to exert pressure to eliminate the blockage at your acupoints. There are no artificial medicines required but your cooperation. It helps you to relieve the pain as well as heal you.


To forget the medication, you need to learn the alternatives to it (or instead of the mainstream solution to your illness). We tell you everything that you need to know before you begin. From the asanas you need to warm up to the ones that will be the vital part of your healing, we guide you through it all. This is the technique of the saints that we read about in every story of the olds. Practicing yoga is going to help you harness the energy that your body holds, in the right manner. Apart from that, this is the roots that we are forgetting and the missing piece that we need access to make peace with the stress of our everyday routine. We start from the very simple, assessing your health conditions and making the practice possible for you, leading to the fulfillment of the promise of health.



The hectic schedule and the growing to-do list of today’s youth never let the mind rest. Every chore, every activity you perform, your mind wanders in different realms resulting in less focus for the task at hand. Meditation is the answer to a lost mind. Concentration is the key to most of the problems that you face in day to day life. We help you out with meditation techniques. All the ways in which it is possible, how to fight off the initiation difficulties and to keep you in so that you know that the harder the beginning seems, and the easier the process gets with time, and you will see its effectiveness. Meditation doesn’t need focus but rather it is the goal that we reach. The right environment is all you need, to know the simplicity of the process and we are here to provide you with just that.

Nature Cure

Natural healing includes methods like fasting, dieting, and hydrotherapy. All the illness and disease that the people of today are prone to be an outcome of an unhealthy routine, and a junk-laden diet, the wrong eating habits and the inappropriate eating intervals. There are titbits, that when done regularly can improve our eating pattern and hence the quality of our life. Curing isn’t all about changing habits; it also includes the change in mentality. We provide you with the plan you need to follow to be on the same page as we are. It also includes traditional medicines, that is, herbs that help with diseases and illness instead of the chemicals made in factories.


Counselling & Training

Anything cannot be done without making your mind. We help you with what is going in your mind and how you can control it. The first step to change is accepting what is wrong and we help you with that first step. We listen to what you think is wrong and help you figure out the nerve of all the problems. We guide you through it all, help you eliminating the stress and depression, and taking the steps towards healing by making them seem effortless, all this by simply talking and thinking. We provide you with different training methods here at Ayushvedam. Change isn’t all you need in your routine. You need the motivation to start something and determination to bring it to an end. You need a plan and the right steps to overcome any setback. That is all that we help you with and that is all that we provide you when we say that we offer counselling and training.

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